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Giovedì, 23 Giugno 2016 11:24
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What sounds better than a romantic road trip on the Italian Amalfi Coast? Not a lot we guess! In the Indian summer of last year we decided to explore the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Although we didn’t want to travel on a backpacker’s budget we weren’t planning on spending money like water either. An Amalfi Coast holiday could cost you a pretty penny, which is not necessarily an issue, but we believe the Amalfi Coast is great for everyone if you just make your own itinerary and do a little research on hotels and other accommodation rates. Let’s discover one of Italy’s most romantic destinations!

This is the part of Italy where the Roman emperors built their holiday residences. Since the construction of the winding roads the Amalfi Coast has been a jet-set magnet for movie stars, filthy rich entrepreneurs, writers and politicians. And us. Our mission was to enjoy the Amalfi Coast to the fullest without going bankrupt

The Amalfi Coast drive is considered as one of the most scenic routes in Italy and maybe even in Europe. Since 1997 the area has been on UNESCO’s world heritage list and that is fully justified! According to UNESCO the Amalfi Coast is ‘an outstanding example of Mediterranean landscape, with exceptional cultural and natural scenic values resulting from its dramatic topography and historical evolution’. We couldn’t agree more. After our 10 day Amalfi Coast road trip this would actually be a destination where we would go again. And we rarely say that during or after our trips. Apart from Australia <img src="" alt="

Casa La perla In evidenza

Giovedì, 05 Maggio 2016 18:26
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Palazzo Vingius B&B

Via San Giovanni a mare 19 Minori (SA)

Secondo ingresso sulla (SA) Amalfitana: via Marmorata 85 

Tel.: 089-8541646 



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